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Black Creative Healing: Zelda Lockhart & Natasha Thomas

Check this out y'all. Natasha Thomas and I solve and resolve and play our way into a whole new Black dimension.

Part Two

Check out this great video

About Dr. Zelda Lockhart

I was a little girl who wanted nothing more than to be outside playing in the dirt and filling my pockets with the magical things I discovered. Being told to be quiet and keep the family secrets was like someone telling water to stay behind a wall. Through stories I navigate and discover new paths for myself, and by reading and listening to your stories I am inspired to keep planting my truths and discovering what sorts of fruit they bear. As a queer, Black woman, mother, grandmother, author, I am passionate about fostering freedom of expression for other folks in what ever way that expression springs forth in my workshops, through writing, song, dance, images...

My research and facilitation focusses on utilizing the food, medicine, and kinship of writing and literature as ways for people to self-define and authenticate their relationships. I do this work with individuals one-on-one, in workshops, in academic settings, and as a tool for community and organizational development.


ZELDA LOCKHART is a registered expressive arts consultant and educator (REACE) credentialed by the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association. She holds a PhD in Expressive Art Therapies, an MA in Literature, and a certificate in writing, directing and editing from the New York Film Academy.  Her latest books include Diamond Doris: The True Story of the World’s Most Notorious Jewel Thief( by Doris Payne with Zelda Lockhart), and The Soul of the Full-Length Manuscript which takes readers on the emotional, psychological and spiritual journey of utilizing personal stories to transform their lives while completing a work of fiction, memoir or poetry. Lockhart is author of novels Fifth Born, a Barnes & Noble Discovery selection and a Zora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright Award finalist, Cold Running Creek a Black Caucus of the American Library Association Honor Fiction Awardee, and Fifth Born II: The Hundredth Turtle, 2011 Lambda Literary Award finalist. Her fiction, poetry, and essays appear in several anthologies as well as in periodicals like Chautauqua, Obsidian II, and

Lockhart is Director at Her Story Garden Studios: Inspiring Black Women to Self-Define, Heal, and Liberate Through the Literary Arts. Lockhart is also publisher at LaVenson Press helping women and girls to take ownership of their stories through publication.

She continues her work as a writer and speaker, facilitating writing workshops across the US on issues specific to the human struggle

and on ways that consuming and creating literature are good for what ails us.

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